Our Clinic is about choices, and the patient selects the treatment option that is best for them.

At the King & Knight Denture Clinic we endeavor to provide each patient with a treatment plan that will not only suit their dental needs but also their budget. Not only can we provide fully equilibrated dentures utilizing face bow transfers, pin tracers and protrusive bites to harmonize your jaw movements with the articulator but standard dentures with tactile bite registrations for the more budget minded.

The Freedom to Choose

On all our new dentures patients make the choice on tooth colour, size, and positioning and we don’t finish the dentures without the patient’s approval on the appearance. If at the try-in stage if we can’t satisfy your esthetic requirements then we stop treatment and there is no charge to the patient. This happens infrequently but we want to make sure that the patient does not pay for an appearance that they are not happy with.

Nothing You Don’t Need

When we fabricate new partial dentures we give you as many options as possible, from cast partials to acrylic partials, with a choice of gold clasps, tooth colored clasps or flexible partials. Most of the time it is better for a patient to have a partial denture that they can afford rather than no partial denture at all. When we send our patients for implants we stipulate the number of implants required and not any more. Usually 2 implants in the lower jaw is adequate so why pay for more.

We will even try to rehabilitate old dentures to get “a few more years out of them”